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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Communications, Louisiana Baptist University,* Shreveport, Louisiana (2005)

*Louisiana Baptist University is a member educational institution of the Association of Christian Schools International. While not officially accredited by traditional organizations such as the North Central Association on Accreditation, Louisiana Baptist University is semi-annually examined by an independent review committee comprised of ministers and educators and is one of five approved colleges and universities of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International of Springfield, Missouri.

Master of Divinity, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois (1978)

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, California State University at Fullerton (1974)

Associate of Arts, Glendale Community College, Glendale, California (1972)

Current Memberships and Affiliations

International Telecommunication Union

Dr. Welty represents the Republic of Nauru before the ITU with respect to the SWANsat Project.


Current Projects

November 2005 to present

On 29 November 2005, Dr. Welty was appointed to the positions of Senior Research Analyst in Advanced Communication Technologies and Adjunct Professor of Middle Eastern Studies on the faculty of Koinonia Institute, a conservative think tank located in Reporoa, New Zealand (central north island) that serves the world Christian community. Koinonia Institute is a division of Koinonia House, which creates, develops, and distributes materials to stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Koinonia House is located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and was founded by Dr. Charles Missler. Dr. Welty is a member of the board of directors of Koinonia House.

January 2005 to present

Hoyt Engine Alternative Technologies, LLC

Founded Hoyt Engine Alternative Technologies, LLC to serve as an advocate of the technology behind the Hoyt Reciprotating Hydraulic Engine and to support Mr. Hoyt in his efforts to develop the rights, the IP set, and all technologies related to it.

July 2003 to present

The Themelios Institute will manage the endowment of the Themelios Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust on behalf of the SWANsat Foundation Group, a consortium of foundations that, when endowed, will sponsor planned charitable giving opportunities for bringing inexpensive broadband to least developed and developing countries around the world.

April 2004

Dr. Welty represents the Republic of Nauru before the International Telecommunication Union with respect to the SWANsat Project. 


April 1996 to present

Click here to visit the SWANsat web site

Founded Leading Edge Technologies, LLC to sponsor SWANsat™, the Super-Wide Area Network™, a high-powered telecommunications system. 

Click here to visit the ISV Foundation web siteFall 1995 to present

Reorganized an inactive California non-profit, tax-exempt educational corporation, to become The ISV Foundation of Fullerton, California, translators of The Holy Bible: International Standard Version.

Emeritus Memberships, Projects, and Affiliations

In early 2002, Dr. Welty began advising Ambassadors for Peace. Freedom of religion now needs its own Bill of Rights. Lives are lost each day to the fanaticism of religion. It is time for the moorings of religion to be acknowledged globally. They should not be politicized nor ignored. Every mainline religious leader of all faiths speak of the peace that their people want. The Religious Freedom Resolution, which we co-authored with Ambassadors for Peace President the late Pastor Ameal Haddad, gives individuals and leaders the opportunity to come together, not as one religion, but for the freedom of all religions.

Global Settlement Foundation

Dr. Welty is a founding member of the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF), a Geneva-based, independent, international non-profit organization that provides finality of settlement for global trade. The GSF System includes the GSF, duly appointed prime dealers, foundation members, lawful processes, and deliverable units. These trade in a cryptographically neutral marketplace. In the Global Standard™, one Global™ is defined as 0.1 gram of gold by mass deliverable as 0.999 or better fine gold, and includes retail delivery of 0.9999 pure gold 1 Kg bars marked 10,000 Globals, high value coins designed for circulation and low value coins and notes. All circulating physical Globals contain at least 70% of the face value amount of gold with the balance stored in the GSF vaults.  Counterfeits are impossible without the gold content. GSF enables the physical and lawful processes that facilitate creation and movement of goods and services, including the necessary infrastructure to allow entrepreneurs and investors who use Globals to create and use a real-capital stock market that allows the pricing function in the marketplace to price risk. The genius of the west – lawful real-money stock markets – has now again returned to the service of mankind.

Click here to download our article On Letting Justice Roll Down: A Gold Standard for the African Union, written for the African Union's THE PRESIDENT magazine.

Click here to download the above article and our article Low-cost ICT: Golden Key to Africa's Economic Future, also written for THE PRESIDENT magazine.

On 17 July 2009, Dr. Welty's SWANsat System and Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Interest Agreement which delegates the management of the AUric to the GSF.

     PGP Signatures: GSF SWANsat MetaNET

     Keys: GSF SWANsat MetaNET

July 2006 to January 2012

Click here to visit the Museum web site

Dr. Welty was a founding member of the board of directors of the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings, a southern California-based organization that provides programs and facilities for research of ancient writings. Regular public lectures  are provided in the areas of historical and archaeological studies, biblical archaeology, and ancient inscriptions. The Museum sponsors a learning center for students to experience hands-on activity with ancient archaeological artifacts.

United Nations Global Alliance
for ICT Policy and Development

Until December 2010, Dr. Welty occasionally affiliated with the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT Policy and Development, the successor to the UN's Information and Communication Technologies Task Force, usually to oppose various short-sighted proposals being advocated by this myopic organization.

Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association

Founded in 1946, AFCEA International supports global security by providing an ethical environment that encourages a cooperative relationship among civil government agencies, the military and industry. The image of AFCEA's Signal Magazine, to the right, is that of the May 2007 issue, which featured Dr. Welty's SWANsat project as its cover story. Click on the magazine cover to read the magazine on line. (The SWANsat story begins on page 21 of the issue).

Click here to download the entire May 2007 issue of Signal Magazine in PDF format from the Signal web site.

Click here to open a new window in your browser on the SIGNAL site and read the article in HTML format.

Click here to download a reproduction of the SWANsat article in PDF format. Two minor typographical errors were corrected, and a missing photo credit has been provided. File size is 275,509 bytes.

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

WSIS logo used by permission pursuant to WSIS policy.

Dr. Welty served as a consultant to represent the Republic of Nauru to the United Nations 2005 World Summit on the Information Society. WSIS took place in Tunis, Tunisia from November 16-18, 2005.

United Nations Information and Communication
Technologies Task Force

Until late 2005, when the UNICT Task Force completed its international mission and began morphing into the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT Policy and Development, Dr. Welty served as an observer/ member of the following UNICT Task Force working groups and regional networks:

Enabling Environment Working Group
Human Resource Development and Capacity Building Working Group
ICT Policy and Governance Working Group
Low Cost Connectivity and Access Working Group
National and Regional e-Strategies Working Group
African Stakeholders (ASN) Regional Network
Europe and Central Asia Regional Network
Moscow Node Regional Network

The working groups and regional networks, to the extent that they have continuing relevance in the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT Policy and Development, may continue to function. Dr. Welty expects to continue to served as an observer/member of the working groups and regional networks whose missions will be subsumed under the Global Alliance.

Projects Emeritus

A list of business projects, startup ventures, and non-profit ministries on whose behalf we no longer provide services.

May 2002 to June 2002

Exploring the possibilities of reactionless propulsion...

We initiated Exploring the possibilities of reactionless propulsion... to develop the Cook Reactionless Inertia Propulsion System. The venture was discontinued due to a decision by its originator not to continue participation.

December 2000 to 22 November 2002

A Cure for Diabetes in Six Years?

Founded California Autoimmune Research and Education Foundation (CARE Foundation), a research consortium subsidiary of The Compassionate Use Project, with a 6-year, $28 million mission to investigate a treatment methodology for diabetes using Melanoma Antigen family proteins to identify and isolate stem cells/progenitor cells. Discontinued venture upon disassociation with The CUP's web site on 22 November 2002.

March 2000 to December 2000

We almost did it...Founded Iridium Rescue Project in an attempt to recover the bankrupt Iridium telecommunications satellite constellation. Merged with Ir Acquisitions Group in May 2000. Discontinued operations December 2000.

October 1998 to September 2001

Member, Board of Directors, Trinity International University Foundation.

September 1998 to 22 November 2002

Equipping diabetics with effective alternatives to human-based insulin.Founded The Compassionate Use Project (The CUP), a non-profit educational corporation that teaches diabetics how to import animal insulin alternatives to human-based insulin products. Discontinued association with The CUP's web site on 22 November 2002. 

May 1998 to October 2001

Member, California Campus Advisory Council to Trinity Law School and Trinity Graduate School, operated by Trinity International University.

April 1998 to December 1998

A revolution in engine technologyCreated initial development structure for the Hoyt Reciprotating Hydraulic Engine, subrogating development to Reciprotating Engine Technologies, which was later reformed as Atlas Engine Technologies.

August 1996 to June 2003

...and the horse you rode in on...A motion picture development company.

June 1991 to July 1992

Consultant to Development Department, Simon Greenleaf University, Anaheim, California.

October 1986 to March 1996

Founder, Continental Satellite Corporation, Direct Broadcast Satellite operator. Sold to Loral Aerospace Holdings, Inc., in March 1996. Proceeds of sale gifted to Joshua Davidson Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust.

June 1982 to August 1989

Founded Micro Demographics, publisher of a Management Information System for churches and non-profit corporations. Discontinued operations in August 1989 to pursue Continental Satellite Corporation activities.

June 1982 to October 1986

Chief Executive Officer of Maranatha Broadcasting, interim FCC-licensee to KHOF Channel 30, San Bernardino, California.

August 1981 to July 1992

Adjunct Professor of Apologetics, School of Christian Apologetics at Simon Greenleaf University, Anaheim, California (Specialty: New Testament Greek).

September 1980 to May 1985

Founding member of Board of Directors, The Thessalonika Foundation of Temecula, California, operators of foster care facilities and residential care treatment facilities for emotionally troubled children.

September 1979 to May 1985

Founding member of Board of Directors, The Fieldstead Institute of Irvine, California, a charitable giving organization founded and funded by Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr..

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